Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone presence is highly crucial for so many body functions like maintaining the density of bone, appropriate amount of red blood cells, hair growth, for reproductive function, for muscle mass and for feeling healthy.

In most cases, levels of testosterone start declining when a man hits the age of 30 and the process continues with the age factor.

However, often the decline of hormone occurs even at an early age and the main cause of such decline is usually the deficiency of one or more essential elements.

First of all, it is never a good idea to judge whether your hormonal levels are low or not, but it is better to run a few authentic and doctor’s recommended tests before starting taking any measures. Once, it is confirmed that you are suffering from low levels of T hormone then there are number of ways to get better levels and you may also try to utilize some of these natural ways that are going to be discussed in this article but do remember, first get the confirmation that you actually have low levels of testosterone.

  1. Obesity:

There are many different reasons behind getting low levels of testosterone but obesity is one of the most common factors when it comes to blaming one particular thing. So, if have diagnosed with low levels of testosterone, please check whether your weight is normal or not and if you happen to find that you are over-weighted then lose some weight as it is an ideal solution for rising hormone levels.

Obesity is not good in any way and when it comes to imbalanced hormones, it is better to get rid of it as soon as you can. Remember, it is never too late!

  1. Intermittent fasting and High-intensity Exercise:

Interestingly, intermittent fasting and exercise with intensity have been said to enhance testosterone levels whereas this kind of claim has not been registered yet for aerobic or any other similar form of exercise.

Furthermore, intermittent fasting is impactful because it regulates insulin, adiponectin, cholecystokinin (CKK), melanocortins, leptin and Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). Basically, adequate amount and regulation of all these elements already have very good effects on a person’s health and well-being.

Whey protein just after the required workout session is able to raise the satiety or testosterone-increased effect.

  1. Training for gaining strength:

Strength training can actually be very helpful for boosting the levels of T hormone. When your body gets strength the hormonal imbalance also gets balanced. You may also try this option as there are plenty of exercises and workouts available and the best part is that they are easy as well to follow.

  1. Sleep and Stress:


It is no rocket science that sleep is highly pivotal for apt levels of different hormones like testosterone levels get raised along with your growth hormone as your mind even works while you are asleep and try to complete work. So, sleeping in a proper manner is mandatory.

Moreover, it is a normal phenomenon that 7 to 9 hour sleep is good and almost everyone is aware of it, however, this sleeping time should also be uninterrupted , it means if you get disturbed through some specific things, it is always a good idea to avoid them or at least find ways where they cannot interrupt your sleeping time.


Your mind tries to balance hormones in the day time as well when you are awake and if you are stressed then the chances are high that stress hormone will be on its way and certainly it will also be a cause of decline Testosterone levels. So, you must find ways to de-stress yourself or be relaxed. The best way is to take slow breaths or start practicing meditation; at first, it may not sound much but in long run, it will be helpful in burning calories as well as for letting you feel inner serenity.

  1. Optimize the levels of vitamin D:

Optimizing the level of Vitamin D is crucial more than you think. Getting Vitamin D is highly simple as it can be obtained through sunbathing or sun exposure. However, our modern lifestyles do not allow us to spend much in sun and that is why Vitamin D deficiency is quite ubiquitous these days and every second person is a sufferer either male or female but in males, this deficiency can also lead to a severe drop down in levels of Testosterone hormone.

There are some artificial ways to overcome its deficiency but the best way is to take it from the natural way and that is the sun.

  1. Supplementation:


Testogen is a great supplement to start with because it actually increases your stamina in and outside of the gym and it is great at increasing the muscle mass with the strength and all these qualities in an absolutely natural way without any harmful side effects. This supplement is one of the highly recommended supplements in the industry.

Get Brain via 5 Foods

Brain is more important than you think!

The brain is just like any other body organ or muscle that can perform better after certain training. So, it implies that luckily, you can enhance power of brain whenever you are ready for it.

Do remember, IQ level is not just to solve tricky problems but it is actually a measurement of your brain’s fitness level and efficiency.

Improving brain is possible and this improvement process can be done through this food related things (they are not the only food items but yes some selected ones)

  1. Walnuts:

Eating nuts are good for your overall health but actually it is a great help for your brain, especially eating walnuts can actually keep you from going crazy. So, just having a few walnuts a day can enhance cognitive functionality.

Moreover, walnuts are really high in antioxidants, Minerals and essential vitamins specifically, those elements which are good for mental alertness. One of the main vitamins that walnuts possess is vitamin E and it is highly good for warding off Alzheimer.

It is the most popular nut when we talk about brain’s fitness. It contains increased concentration of DHA, (it is a kind of omega-3 fatty acid), it is believed to have properties that are great at protecting health of brain, increase cognitive activity in people, and prevent any damages that are related to old age.

Bottom Line: Walnuts are good for brain.

  1. Turmeric:

Don’t you think it is great to learn that a simple spice that is lying in your kitchen cabinet has some health benefits for you too?

The same very thing is with turmeric. Its usage has been present for thousands of years.

Furthermore, Due to a compound (Curcumin) that is easy to find in turmeric, it has some natural and powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

Turmeric aids to increase antioxidant levels and helps to sustain immune system healthy and simultaneously, it also raise mind’s ability to accept oxygen and it improves your capabilities of being alert & stay focused.

Hence, add a little turmeric here and there in your food to speed up your brain a bit..!

  1. Egg yolks are healthy:

If you are concerned and not taking whole eggs because of high cholesterol then now, you may have a sigh of relief as it has been finally declared that eating a whole egg does not raise your cholesterol levels but as a matter of fact, egg happens to increase levels of good cholesterol.

Additionally, egg yolks are full of Choline that is quite helpful for pregnant ladies and it is able to break down a chemical compound (Bethane) that is vital for secreting hormones that are associated with happiness.

Notably, eggs are easy on your pocket as well and they are quite inexpensive source of protein. So, start eating them.

  1. Dark Chocolate:

We have good news for all the chocoholics. Eating chocolate can end up making you smart.


This delicious confectionary item is packed with “Flavonols” that are said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They also have power to improve your blood pressure, brain and heart. Moreover, Chocolate is believed to have a transitory effect on the part of your brain that is mainly associated with pleasure and that is why even when you eat chocolate in a small quantity, you start feeling happy.

However, most of the chocolate that we have on our market today is highly processed and very low on benefits.

So, how can you identify which one is good for you?

Simply follow the general rule, the darker the chocolate, the better it will be!

Bottom Line: Have some Dark Chocolate and improve abilities of brain with a quick boost of happiness.

  1. Beet root:

Beet root or just beets are actually good for your health in raw, cooked or as a juice. This humble vegetable has some highly good quality hidden benefits in it.

However, apparently, many people abhor this vegetable; mainly due to the bad recipes that they used to have to taste in their childhood even vegetable lovers normally do not add it in their list of favorites. That is a true disappointment because it is worth better than that as it can give these following benefits to your body when it is part of your diet, like it reduces inflammation, protects body from high risks of cancer and it also purifies the blood by removing toxin substances from it.

Plus, it is great at enhancing the transportation of oxygen toward your brain and keep in mind that your brain takes a lot more oxygen then you think.  Therefore, more supply of oxygen toward brain region indicates better activity of mind.

Bottom Line: Beet root can be a great addition for having a healthy brain and body.

  1. Noocube (a must supplement to have):

On the market every type of supplement is easily available but there are a few those are better than the others like Noocube, a supplement that is great at enhancing brain’s overall performance. People who use this supplement can experience great results.


Because, it is on market after long studies & research and it has almost all the ingredients that are certainly great at boosting brain’s cognitive health.

Bottom Line: a great way to start your journey of getting smart is Noocube.

Final Thoughts:

If you are really willing to improve performance of your brain, start today as it never too late!